ProBuilder UFPS Test 1

To play the game you need to install Unity player then click on title of this post. This is an experiment using ProBuilder and UFPS assets.

I doubt you will get this working on your phone but should work on Mac or PC web browser.

Use WASD keys to move

The mouse allows you to look around

Press ESC to leave the game.

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3D physics Platformer Kit for Unity Test 1

Playing around with the 3D Physics Platformer Kit for Unity. Stoked I am getting this to work in a webplayer. Click on the link above to give it a try.

The  “K” key allows player to pick up and throw the two cubes that are a different color than the other cubes.

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Unity Roll a Ball

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Pentagon Tiling

I was drawn to this chapter in our textbook in part because of an interest I have in 3D computer modeling. Polygon modeling is one way of creating 3D objects with software such as Maya and 3D Studio Max. The creation and manipulation of polygon vertices, edges and faces through rotation, positioning and scaling is one way of building characters and objects for movies and games. This paper starts with definitions of basic terminology related to the subject of polygons, tiling with the pentagon in particular.

A polygon is a shape that can be drawn on a plane (a 2 dimensional surface) so that the starting and ending points are the same and the path never crosses or retraces itself. We will call the line segments that compose a polygon sides, and the end points of the sides, vertices. Polygons  include the triangle(3 sides), Quadrilateral (4 sides),Pentagon (5 sides),and  Hexagon (six sides), there are many more and as the number of sides increase they are often refered to simply as N-gons.

If you can cover an entire plane with a polygon shape so that no gaps exist, it is said to be tileable. A Regular Polygon has sides that are all of equal length, and the angles at each vertex are all of the same degree. The square and the equilateral triangle are 2 examples of Regular Polygons. An irregular Polygon has side lengths and vertex angles that are not all identical.

An edge to edge tiling is one in which polygons tile a plane without gaps and the entire length of a polgon’s edge is matched by the edge of another polygon. A good example of a tileable pattern that is not edge to edge is a […]

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123D Catch

In addition to Maya I am working with software called 123D Catch. This application is from Autodesk and remarkably it’s free. It requires the user to take 40 to 60 photographs of an object and then upload them to Autodesk. From the photographs a fully textured 3D model is built. An Internet connection is required but the process usually takes under 20 minutes. Autodesk even sends a confirmation e-mail when the model has been built. It is important to use well focused and well lit photographs, avoid transparent and reflective objects. It is also important that the subject matter remain stationary. I made one catch of a fellow student (see the image below and the Daniel model on the 3D works page) . So long as the subject does not move the process works. Models can be saved as object files and imported into other 3D software such as Maya, 3D Studio Max and Blender. For those who are not familiar with these more complicated programs 3D Catch allows the user to easily make movies. There is even an option to export to YouTube directly.

Below is a screen capture from 3D catch. The white cameras that surround the scene represent the positions from which photos were taken. The small thumbnail images at the bottom of the screen are the photographs I took that were used to make the 3D model. The program allows the user to delete sections of the model, to pan and rotate and to view in a wireframe or textured format. Most of these options are accessible from the bar positioned top center in the screen capture.


This is a fun and easy program to use. I recommend anyone with an interest in […]

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